Let’s just open by stating that I had this guy’s job below, heh. As a digital marketer, we’re rotating through all of our clients on a weekly basis, analyzing their performance, making adjustments, researching, planning and executing multi-channel campaigns. We’re utilizing tools much more than this infographic describes – from communication, to publishing, to development and analysis tools.

IMO, most marketers work in the area they are most comfortable in. It’s not a coincidence that that channel performs best for them because it’s the one their proficient with. Having a solid analysis skillset is perhaps the most underrated asset to digital marketers today because it helps them to see beyond their comfort zone and see what opportunities or gaps are available via other methods. It’s not just how great one channel is working, it’s how well all the channels could work if they were dialed in properly.

Far beyond the simple ability to use social media, digital marketing requires understanding of consumer habits and motivations, the ability to synthesize analytics, and communicating effectively with clients. Check out what exactly digital marketing is, why it’s important, a day-in-the life of a digital marketer and how to get into the industry.

Digital marketers are responsible, at the end of the day, for building awareness, providing research to prospects, and driving qualified prospects to conversions. That job is much more difficult today than it was even a year ago. The platforms are developing into integrated marketing hubs, big data and streaming data are providing real-time opportunities for marketing adjustments, and a diversified audience across a spectrum of channels and devices is adding infinite complexity to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

That said, many digital marketers also simply specialize in one area, while others like our agency focus on dialing in the right balance of strategies. We then bring experts to the table to help with the integration, automation, communication and execution of those strategies or we work with the marketing team already present at the company.

What does a Digital Marketer Do?

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